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We specialise in making bespoke, hand crafted, personalised wooden name puzzles for gifts & celebrations.

We also offer alternative guest book puzzles for weddings & other occasions.

Unique, bespoke, handmade products that are professionally made from the highest quality materials.

Exclusive customizable designs, only available from 'One To One Puzzles'.

If your child has a fondness for a unique animal or character not found on the website, please contact me.

If there is a one-off design you would love, for a truly personal guest book puzzle, please contact me.

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History of One To One Puzzles

Many years ago my father in law made wooden jigsaw names and wedding guest book puzzles as a hobby giving them as gifts to members of the family. People would be fascinated to see these and would enquire as to where they could have one made for themselves or their special someone.  Very quickly it became a locally sought after gift for new babies and local weddings. With the benefit of owning a craft and gift shop called 'One to One' jigsaw names and guest book puzzle orders came in thick and fast.

The jigsaw name tradition grew and children who had a wooden jigsaw name in their bedroom growing up became parents themselves and would later order names for their own children. Guest book puzzles would be requested for all occasions including weddings, christenings, retirements, graduations, etc.

Sadly a few years ago my father in law passed away. Requests for names and guest book puzzles still came in and as a carpenter I thought I would give it a try. I inherited my father in law's scroll saw and got to work.  After lots of practice and a few mistakes I have carried on from where he left off.  Very quickly I saw why he had enjoyed this hobby so much and I feel proud to be able to carry on the tradition and take pride in the fact that I have been able to produce work that is of a quality he would of been proud of.

As people saw the quality of the work that I had been doing, it was suggested that I offer the names and guest books online. I was getting great feedback locally and it has been most rewarding to receive it globally too.

This website allows new customers to browse and share its content and to order that one of a kind handcrafted gift, as well as contributing to what I hope will be a continued family tradition.

Mark Austin

Mark Austin
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